Gorgs08 and II International Cayonneering Congress

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Abgeschickt von laura samso am 03 Januar, 2008 um 16:24:30

The Comitè Canyon from FEEC (Federació d' Entitats Excursionistes de Cataluña) and the FCE (Federació Catalana d’Espeleologia), have already began working in the organization of the Vth edition of Gorgs, that shall take place at the end of May, in the area of Ports, Tarragona. Gorgs is the International Canyoneering Meeting event that was born in 2004 with the target of knowing the canyoneers, professionals and beginners, no exclusions.

Gorgs 2007 was a succes with 341 participants, it took place in Tremp (Lérida) and by the 1st time in Spain it was co organized with the FCE (Federació Catalana d’Espeleologia).

In parallel it will take place the II International CAnyoneering Congress, with a good number of proposals including technical and scientific conferences.They will take place during 23,24 and 25 May.

The dates to present proposals for projections, conferences,etc is already open. If you wish to participate please write to: barrancs@feec.org.


Click here to download Google Earth Gorgs2008.kmz